Hello! Thank you for visiting Home Baked.  
Here you will find notes on my journey in living a creative and nourishing life through the seasons in the northern English countryside with my son, Cameron.

I am Hannah - single Mum, real food enthusiast, knitter, veggie grower, book addict, seasonal living junkie, radical homemaker, aspiring recluse, aspergirl and a bit of a geek.

Aspen Wrap front

Professional services
I consider myself to be the luckiest lady in the world because I get to do things that I really enjoy and call it my job!  
My work is based around creative recipe and product development mixed in with a bit of food and lifestyle writing.  Taking a product or ingredient and creating new and interesting ways to cook, bake or prepare it is my favourite thing to do.  
From making a product or ingredient appeal to a mass (or niche) market to creating regular recipe ideas, I adore the creativity involved with recipe development from the ideas stage, through experimentation and careful testing, to styling and writing - the entire process is very much my passion project.

I am available for one-off projects and seasonal work as well as longer term, regular content and because I love the work so much I have extremely reasonable rates.
For more information please do get in touch.

I also have a little online yarn shop because, well, a bit of yarn seems to make everything so much better, don't you think?
Knitting with high quality fibres is an experience that all crafters should get to enjoy and I believe that all of the love and attention shown to a project deserves something texturally delicious. 
I only sell yarns that I knit with myself and recommend.

Home Baked History

I started the blog in 2008 to document our journey through home education but it has since grown and evolved.  I now write mainly about my adventures in crafting, cooking, living seasonally and growing and preserving food from our garden. I also touch on single parenting, living with Asperger Syndrome, foraging, thrifting for vintage items, books that inspire me and my insatiable obsession with Christmas!

I am passionate about sharing information about living a less commercial lifestyle – cooking from scratch, making home-made items and enriching family life. 

I hope to inspire people to try the things they are interested in – but perhaps procrastinating about for whatever reason – and show that most things are achievable on a low budget and without specialist skills.

This blog is not a full account of our daily lives, merely snippets that we choose to share.

I am trying to make a living which enables me to meet mine and my son's needs.  I know that blog advertising isn't ideal for readers but I try to strike the right balance between putting food on the table and making the blog interesting to read without overwhelming advertisements.
If you follow an advert or link from my blog I earn a very small commission on anything you buy during that visit and I will only link when I think it is relevant.

My policy on blogging with integrity -

*I will always disclose if I have received free products in return for a review or mention on the blog.
*I will always give my/our honest opinion about the products in line with the way we live our lives from day to day. 
*Products advertised or reviewed on the blog will only be products we have actually used ourselves.

Any money made through the above means helps us to make ends meet as a family and I continue to do my best to make sure that this does not become an overly commercial space.

I am open to offers for blog sponsorship, sidebar advertising, reviews, giveaways and other projects in the food/lifestyle/crafts/health areas that may interest the wonderful and diverse Home Baked audience. However, please note that I do NOT host commercial guest posts or sponsored content.

You are welcome to email me (homebakedonline at gmail dot com). I read all messages and I'll do my best to answer as soon as I can.

I am also regularly on Twitter: @HomeBakedOnline