Sunday, 8 September 2013

These days

autumn sunshine

After the hustle and bustle of getting back into the school routine this week it felt really important to stop and breathe and really be present this weekend to evaluate how things are going and count my blessings.

These days, this boy - it's all so wonderful right now - I have a lot to be grateful for.

bee garden September

The teen phase came so suddenly for Cameron and as a parent I entered it with a lot of trepidation.  There's a huge stigma attached to adolescence, isn't there? To back that up I had my own experiences of being wildly rebellious and self-destructive in my youth to add to the mix. I was so scared to embark on it from the other angle.

Autumn leaves September

So far, I needn't have worried. I love spending time with Cameron and feel so lucky that he lets me into his world. It's a privilege to witness his coming of age, to see him blossoming and creating the roots for the life he envisions for himself. I feel honoured that he's still interested in my opinions and that we have this amazingly open dialogue where he feels comfortable enough to discuss anything with me. 

Cameron 8/9/2013

I'm proud of the choices he makes, the way he works and gets along with his school peers without succumbing to peer pressure as they experiment with smoking, drugs, violence and crime. And equally, how he can slip right back into the uncorrupted world of play with his home educated peers and respects that innocence by adapting his behaviour to the occasion.

I adore that Cameron isn't even a little bit interested in celebrity culture. While he enjoys certain films and TV shows, he couldn't name a single artist in the top 40, a soap opera character/actor or X Factor contestant - last month I had to explain to him who Brad Pitt was! Cameron walks his own path and knows his own mind. He questions authority and stands his ground when he feels justified but is also able to back down when he realises he's wrong. And he is funny - so funny! We spend a lot of time laughing.


We talk at length about the contrast between our lives at age 13 and Cameron enjoys the comparison, I think, weighing up his options and developing a sense of pride in his (mostly) sensible decisions. This uninterrupted time to talk is a definite pro of being the small family that we are - there's almost always an opportunity for a long conversation.

Making window stars

It's funny how some phases of parenthood go so painfully slowly while this stage is going by too fast. A cliché, I know. But true, nevertheless. These days are fleeting and each one of them challenges me in a small (or large) way to let go a little bit more and trust that it's going to be OK.

Chicken and vegetable cobbler

This weekend we made windowstars, walked to the park in the sunshine, rearranged furniture, watched an episode of Educating Yorkshire, baked homemade tiger rolls for packed lunches, played with the cat and chatted a lot. We ate comforting chicken and vegetable cobbler, read our books and remarked on the autumnal chill in the air. It was everyday stuff, yet magical when I really stopped to appreciate it all. I need to remember to do more of that.

Inhale. Exhale. Life is good and I am so grateful.

Homemade tiger rolls


  1. Looks like life is really good for you at the moment, I'm happy for you :)

  2. How lovely :-) I look forward to chatting to Isaac in such a way x x

    1. Very lovely. I really hope you get to experience it too :o)

  3. 'Do you like my eyebrows? I shaved them all off!' -It right amused me reminds me just of my school! You're very lucky to have that bond with Cameron I can't name many other parents who do, you certainly raised him good :)

    Speaking of raising him, is he sleeping in a grow bag, he gets taller with each picture :)

    1. Yes, the programme was hilarious!

      Cameron seems to have been in a growth spurt for about three years! He's taller than me, now...

  4. Aw, don't tell him but he still looks cute even as a lanky thirteen year old! Kudos to Cameron for walking his own path and not being swayed by others, it takes real courage to do that and hugs to you for being such a loving and supportive mum.

    Not long till Yarndale, yippe!! I'm hoping to pop in and say hello!

    San xx

    1. I can't wait! So excited to be able to meet online friends and show off my Christmas tree :o)

  5. Lovely post that made me smile :-) xx

  6. You have one lucky son, you must be a rightly proud mama. Good to hear that life is treating you well :)

  7. You sound so content and happy - it's a beautiful thing. And it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job of raising a fine young man :-)

  8. I raised two kids through the teenage years and they were by far my favorite years! It's fun seeing them turn into adults and what they choose to be interested in. Good luck, I think you'll be fine as the years go by. Oh and they go FAST.

  9. With three raised and now in their mid-twenties, I am so keenly aware of how fleeting these years will be with my Daniel (15)and AnnaLynn (soon to be 13). It does go by all to quickly! Our two, who are currently enjoying two nights with their grandma, told us just yesterday that they'd rather be called young adults than teenagers which just made us chuckle. Love their independent minds and that they want to choose their own label. :) Your son is a handsome young man who is mighty blessed to have you! Have a happy week! ~Lisa :)

  10. What a happy and content post. I'm sure you're feeling the blessings of being with your little family daily. He sounds like an absolute gem! :-). Mine are all grown and gone...these days are indeed fleeting.
    Love the tree skirt. How clever of you.

  11. What a nice post. I have four ranging in age from 19 to 7 and it is such an amazing journey. It sounds like you have a lovely relationship with each other. Your tree skirt looks nice, hoping to make it to yarndale. :)

    1. Oh, wonderful! Looking forward to meeting you, Gail :o)


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