Friday, 25 January 2013

Ten Things

Today I thought I'd share ten things that are keeping me cheerful.

1. Home baked shortbread with chocolate chips

chocolate chip shortbread

2. Thawing snow (although it has started lightly snowing again this morning), mainly because I'm ready for a nice long walk with proper strides instead of careful shuffling on slippy paths

3. Extremely positive reports at Cameron's annual school review day

4. Blood oranges in my morning green juice

tete a tete

5. Flowers on the windowsill

6. Instagram - peeking into other people's worlds and  celebrating the everyday

Naughty kitten sitting in my tray of pea shoots

7. Our silly kitten, even if he seems to favour my tray of pea shoots as a place to sit and sleep rather than the cosy places around the house

8. Beginning new projects - am I the only one who gets an even worse case of startitis at this time of year?!

9. Spring/Summer season yarn catalogues

Celtic heart knitted necklace

10. Knitted jewellery:  I made this Celtic heart using a YouTube tutorial with icord (tutorial for knitting an icord and crocheting an icord) instead of rope - I tried it with just thick yarn but the structure of it is better with rope-type thickness - and then turned it into a necklace but I think there are so many ways this could be used - glued to a card for valentines, as a charm for a bag, a keyring, a pretty tie (for a journal perhaps?) or as other jewellery like a ring, for instance.

What things are cheering up your world at the moment?


  1. I agree on daffodils and I wish our snow would thaw. We have 10 cm forecast for this evening.

    I have a quilting course tomorrow and am very excited

    1. Quilting course sounds very exciting, Jen. I saw some of your patchwork on instagram and it looks like you enjoyed it!

  2. That picture of the kitten made me laugh :)
    I am very happy today as my son got funding for a 1-2-1 TA at pre-school, hoorah! I can't wait for spring, I do love snow but please go away now.
    Sam x

  3. I love your list and always love doing a happy count up too xx

  4. thank you Hannah for cheering me up with your list - I really need to take more notice of the small things that make us smile xx

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Dawny :o)

  5. mmmm your shortbread looks yummy - I may have to make some too :)

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  7. Oh my goodness, crocheted icord..genuis.

    1. I'm glad you found something useful, Sarah :o)

  8. I can't believe i've posted the same thing twice again!
    every time i do that! sorry. :)

    1. Not a problem,Sally - it seems to happen to a lot of people so it's probably a blogger glitch. Anyway, more comments are a good thing ;o)


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