Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spring days

Bluebells 2014

As usual, the months seem to fly by at an alarming rate - it's only six or so weeks until midsummer, can you believe it?

a bluebell walk

We've settled into a nice groove of spring life, stopping as much as possible to enjoy what nature is offering all around us.  Fluffy, new ducklings, dazzling bluebells, the fleeting blossom (especially fleeting with the high winds and stormy weather we've been experiencing).

Remains of blossom

My freezer is now stocked with little portions of wild garlic butter and pesto to enjoy around the year.

Drawstring bag

There has been some crafting - another little drawstring bag to carry knitted socks in progress.  I use this simple tutorial for a lined bag as I find them the best kind for not losing double pointed needles while I'm on the move.

Drawstring bag lining

I'm still pottering around in the garden - perhaps I'll talk more about that next week.

Rarely does a day go by without me working on hand dyed yarns.  Last week I was very much into the blues.

pure shores 4 ply

This week I've been experimenting with purples in a kind of ombre technique, varigating shades of the same colour.

Purple hand dyed yarns

It's all still so much fun, I wish I had more words to explain how perfect a fit this craft is for me.
Some of my hand dyed yarns are available in the shop if they catch your fancy.

I finished my gemini summer sweater which I blogged about over on my other site.

gemini front 1

I've also been making a mandala for the Yarndale global community project this year which I cannot wait to see!  
I adapted the zooty owl granny mini mandala pattern. I say adapted, actually I made a mistake which serendipitously ended up looking much more spoke-like and so is quite in keeping with the tour de france wheel theme of the project.  I used scraps of yarn leftover from my rainbow beach bag and blocked it as Lucy has requested with some PVA glue to hold and strengthen the shape.  I really love how it turned out.

Mandala for yarndale

What do your spring days look like?


  1. Wonderful mandala the colours are quite striking.

  2. hi hannah,
    wild garlic butter and pesto sounds wonderful.the bluebells looks wonderful.
    love the fabric !!!! your summer sweater is wonderful,great colours!!!
    wish you a nice evening,

  3. your son is getting quite tall! Love your sweater and love your enthusiasm for dyeing wool :) My spring days have been a bit hot and humid.

    1. Very tall, Karen!!
      Hot and humid doesn't sound very enjoyable - I hope you're getting a bit of rain to freshen the air.

  4. Much like yours really.........bit of gardening, some sewing, knitting a few stitches and frogging more, walks and bike rides outside :)

  5. I was talking to my Sister about you today! We passed a load of wild garlic as we drove through a village and I said that every year I think "I will make pesto like Hannah" :) Haven't got round to it yet :) I like the mistake on your Mandala.I made the same style a couple of days ago and have it all packed up ready to go tomorrow..can't wait to see them all in situ :) x

  6. Thanks for the link to that little project bag...I pinned it and hope to spend some time with my daughter looking over her other project videos this summer. :) Lovely knits and crochets, Hannah! Spring here is finally green with all the trees leafing out, we have 40 baby chicks, and we're excitedly working toward finishing lessons for the year! Hard to believe mid-summer is so near! We built an outdoor fire last evening and sat out until the stars made their appearance. I love this time of year!

    1. I'm glad you found the tutorial useful - it's a great pattern for learning to use the machine.
      40 baby chicks - how cute!!

  7. Like you I feel the year is just flying by. Your photos of your walks look lovely with all the bluebells. I had a peek at your other site with the sweater post. I couldn't believe it was all one piece. Gorgeous colours as are your dyed yarns. I am hoping to raid my stash to make a yarndale mandala. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  8. Love the pretty top you're wearing.
    Those yarns look gorgeous from here.
    Enjoy your spring, our autumn has felt like spring or early summer. I want winter to come play down under!


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