Sunday, 23 March 2014

Weekend Blogger

Cheering up the windows

I seem to have become a weekend blogger here on Home Baked but I'm cool with that, for now. The whole point of being able to self-publish is that you're in control and it works the way you want it to, isn't it? I'm going to stop making myself feel guilty and just go with the flow.


Why am I so quiet? Well, there have been a lot of hospital visits these last couple of months (nothing terribly life threatening, it turns out) which has been great for progressing with my knitting but has interrupted daily life somewhat, not only with appointments, needles and waiting rooms but also with a bit of renewal of lifestyle priorities and health goals along the way. 

hospital knitting

After three years of mainstream education we have returned to Home Education and that transition has taken some adjusting to - for me more than Cameron. 

Cameron made pie!

I say returned to home education but it's really a completely different thing with a teenager than with a small child so it's like the first time in many ways, however the change is all positive - we left school on a high note and on good terms - and there are some very exciting things happening already. The amount of opportunities and options for young people are both amazing and overwhelming but we're enjoying exploring those ideas together and dreaming up some plans for the future.

totoro in hama beads by Cameron

We have been studying formally from a curriculum, meeting with friends (and making new ones), taking part in groups, enjoying books together and also cooking, crafting and exploring nature. 

spotty lamb spotting

Our regular walks, exploring our new area, are a wonderful chance to talk which is my most favourite part - I feel blessed that Cameron will still chat openly about his life, interests dreams, hopes and wishes in a way that the average teenager would never do with an adult. I'm so grateful that I get these extra years with him at home and that the choice exists.

improvised rainbow crochet plant pot cosy

Obviously there is much less time and energy for work and I've been squeezing it in here there and everywhere I can manage. 

bread proving on a sunny windowsill

I have to scale back some plans a little bit but I can always pick them up again in the future when I'm in less demand at home. With this time being so fleeting I'd rather tighten my belt than be less present with Cameron.

sneaking in a few stitches while cooking dinner

That's probably enough news for one blog post!  I am blogging sporadically over on The Knit so feel free to come and catch my knitty chat over there (there are some vibrant new yarns in the shop, too!). 
Wishing you a happy, Springy week!

Homemade cockerel coffee stencil


  1. Good luck with all your changes and your health and so lovely that you can spend more time together x

  2. Back to homeschooling? Wow. That's amazing. I'm considering it myself at the moment because our little girl doesn't seem to fit in the system. But I'm really not feeling up to it.
    You have my admiration.

    1. Thanks, Dita. It feels much easier this time around but I remember how scary it felt to leave the system the first time. I think different things work for different children at different times in their lives but both times it's been apparent that it was the right thing to do in a very short space of time. I hope you find what works for your daughter x

  3. Well sounds like life is full right now. I hope all is well with you and your son and it's nice that homeschooling gives you more time to spend with him before he grows up and moves out.

  4. Well done my dear. Spending time with your family is more important than anything.
    Big hugs

  5. Glad to hear you guys have made the transition form school to home ed fairly easily...I remember reading many years ago about the walks you guys did before Cameron went back to school..I always enjoyed reading about your home ed life lovely that you have that bond and time together:) xx

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I missed those walks the most when Cameron went into school - we'd start every day with a trek round the woods or over the dales and it was such a nourishing routine.

  6. A great news-filled post. It sounds like life is quite busy for you right now.
    Enjoy your time with Cameron.

  7. Love the Totoro hama!

    Home-edding with a teen is a very different experience - when E came out again in secondary it was great :) Looking forward to seeing how you get on with this new chapter of both of your lives. x

  8. Wow changes alround! Hope your health problems resolve, sounds like you have a good plan with the whole work/school/life/blogging mix.

    Hugs to you

    San x

  9. My friend home eds her daughter and they are always going on walks going to museums etc. despite the enjoyable things it must be a challenge so well done! P.s. I love your coffees!

  10. Nothing wrong with being a weekend blogger. It's got to fit into your lifestyle and it looks like your life is full, indeed.

  11. Wait, that is a port in your hand. Whats wrong? Really? Truly, you are ok? I am glad you are homeschooling....that can lend to a more peaceful and calm daily rhythym of living. I am glad our boy loves sharing his daily life with his mama. I am praying for you Hannah. Please just write when you can, when it fits, but know that you are cared about here. <3

    1. *your* boy.....not our boy. lol

    2. Hi Annette
      It is a port in my hand but I'm OK - honestly! I just need to start taking better care of myself. Thank you for your prayers x

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