Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spring Sprouts

I want to say a big thank you for your support of my new site! I was very nervous about launching something new and to have it be so warmly welcomed has been wonderful.


Last weekend Cameron and I set our attentions to planting our March seeds. A quick trip to the garden centre was required and while we were there I couldn't help stopping to snap a picture of these baby willow trees - can't you just imagine a serene glade surrounded by these trees, gently swaying in the breeze? I'm such a dreamer sometimes!

willow trees at the garden centre

Anyhow, the seed planting was particularly interesting this year as Cameron is going to be growing independently in his own spot of the garden. 
I am very much a slap-dash kind of a gardener - I take care but I don't fuss over my plants and I find that Mother Nature is very good at just getting on with things without much interference from me, which is lucky because there's always something else I feel I should be getting on with. Cameron, on the other hand, is a perfectionist. His pace is slow and steady and his attention to detail is meticulous. 
I'll admit that I had to stifle a giggle when the ruler appeared!

Cameron's meticulous seed planting

In our part of the world it's looking very much like our mild winter is behind us. This time last year (and all the way up to April) we were still knee deep in snow and yet this year spring has sprung, it's almost too warm for a jacket already and I've switched the heating off.
The ground is still a bit wet for digging but meanwhile we have our seedlings to tend in the conservatory.
One week on and there's much more activity than we expected. The tiny heart-shaped leaves of radishes sprouted above the surface of the soil after just three days followed swiftly by lettuce, kale and today Cameron's nasturtiums are peeking out too.

Radish seedlings, day 7

Every few hours there's something new to see and every morning there's a dramatic change in the seed trays. I'm like a child on Christmas morning, rushing down the stairs to see what Santa has brought - except that I'm looking to see what gifts Mother Nature has left instead.

Have you got seeds planted yet? 


  1. Nothing planted here yet. Seeds are bought and potatoes chitted......

    1. Potatoes are something I'm skipping this year for the first time in forever. So good to grow with younger children though.

  2. nothing planted here either, we usually buy at a local green house. Lovely photos and so spring like!

  3. Wow the new website is lovely! So colourful and simple - exactly to my taste! Also I love garden centres, I used to work at the teashop of one when I was younger at one called Stephen Something ;) it was always busy, there's something about Garden Centres that even people who don't garden love.

    1. Thank you, Mel!
      A job in a garden centre sounds dreamy!

  4. Bags of dirt, trays and seeds all here now we just need to take the time to do it! Especially while we are getting this glorious sun! Looked at your shop website looks great!

  5. The warm fireplace14 March 2014 22:40

    I have folowed your blog for a while and enjoyed all your projects, the shop is amazing and the yarn so beautiful.

  6. Yes! We planted broad beans a while ago and have already planted the seedlings out. We also have salad and chard growing, plus have sown carrots and kohl rabi direct. The dining room and Nin's bedroom windowsills are also full of tomato seedlings. Still so much more to plant!

    I'm looking forward to the day I can buy some yarn from you :)

    1. Sounds like your garden is going to be very productive this year, Nikki!


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