Friday, 13 December 2013

Ten things..

The festive preparations are in full swing and things are going at a comfortable pace for the first time ever. Today I thought I'd share some things that are making me happy right now:

Christmas tree 2013

The Christmas tree is up!
Our first year with an artificial tree. I do prefer a real one but it was purchased for Yarndale and other work projects and I spent so much time and money choosing a tree I was happy with that I want to get my money's worth out of it. It is suprising me by turning out to be quite practical and Socks (the cat) is leaving it alone for the time being, preferring instead to sleep in the cosy spot underneath on my crocheted tree skirt.
Of course, our tree is not complete without the Christmas Dalek (more about how a Dalek ended up on our Christmas tree here).

The Christmas Dalek

Knitted baubles!
There was a little bit of time post-Yarndale where I could not contemplate looking at another bauble but with a bit of distance I have come full circle and adore the knitted decorations settled in among our family favourites. I have been loving the tweets, messages and in-person excitement from people who have been knitting up my pattern - working from home can be lonely at times and so feedback that it was a positive experience is very welcome. 
My knitted bauble pattern is on Ravelry for a small fee if you fancy making some of your own.

Nostalgic baking!
Our tried and tested recipes are emerging from the oven at regular intervals, filling our new home with familiar aromas of happy tastes and times. You can read more about our favourite Christmas baking recipes here.

lovely parcel from Jules

Lovely, lovely Jules sent me a recuperation parcel with calming bedtime tea, peppermint chocolate, gorgeous llama wool in festive red and a card featuring a knitting lady with a cat just like Socks. Thank you so much, Jules!

christmas post

Christmas cards arriving through the post.  Of particular note is one from our new next door neighbour which is lovely.

Festive dishcloth

Crocheted dishcloths in festive colours! These match our new kitchen tiles so they work in more than one way. The Cotton DK continues to delight me for crocheting because of the tight twist in it's formation. There are lots of colours of it in my shop if you fancy a try.

Knitting with my Jolly Holly Yarn (the first of my advent socks is almost complete).

Jolly Holly Advent socks 13/12/13

Learning new skills - that's an icord bind off next to a three needle bind off and a set-in cap sleeve of which I am ecstactically excited about having learnt.

learning new skills

Reviewing things I have made and done this year - it's quite a list and, now that I'm taking the time to stand back and see it all, I'm feeling a bit glowy about my achievements.  This one is inevitably followed by:

Planning, planning, planning!  There's something very exciting about a new year, I think. I have a big project planned which will incorporate learning, making, work and personal development. I'm more than a bit giddy about that one, actually.
Among other things I'm pondering on a possible 365-type project for 2014 as I felt the lack of something regular and ongoing this year after the blanket of 2012. These types of things are a bit like a daily regimen, aren't they? I like the way they help to keep me focused and on track.

What things are making you happy right now?


  1. love your socks, so festive! I am happy that I'm done with the shopping and only have the wrapping to do. My kids will soon be home and that makes me very happy :)

    1. Thanks Karen. It's lovely to hear that your kids are coming home for Christmas!

  2. Reading your blog has made made me happy in this year when I have had a bereavement. Knitting is my solace, my bookclub, coffee with friends, flowers - all the simple lovely things. Thank you for sharing your life and times. Angela (Dublin)

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Angela xx
      What a lovely list of things and I'm glad to know that you have found some happiness from my little space.

  3. Your tree looks lovely :). I know what you mean about having too much of something I am feeling that with knitted slippers at the moment. What's making me happy? Having done all my present buying, so now I can concentrate on the making and all the parties with friends we are going to next week :)

  4. Fab blog as usual.
    Your tree looks great. I am now going back to see the post about the Dalek

    1. Thanks, Cally. I hope you enjoy the story :-)

  5. Looking at my three baubles made using your pattern makes me happy. I also have made two additional ones using the blank paper. Nothing exiting as still getting used to using two colours on DPNs. I've done H for Harry and G for grace my niece and nephew. Hope you have a fab Christmas and looking forward to your 2014 projects isla x

    1. That sounds wonderful, Isla - I'm really happy to hear news about how you're doing with the pattern. It gives me such a warm feeling to know that it will be interwoven with your niece and nephew's Christmas traditions!

  6. your tree is lovely; so nice to have things ready and to enjoy the days before Christmas rather than to be trying to finish things up this year! Warm holiday wishes to you and Cameron!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Warm holiday wishes to you and your family, too xx


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