Thursday, 28 November 2013

With Thanks

Despite it not being a holiday here in the UK, I think Thanksgiving is becoming my favourite celebration of all. If you're new here - we have adopted this tradition because I like the idea of taking time to consider how grateful we are, to take stock if you like, before the gluttony and abundance of the Christmas period begins.
Our celebrations have taken various forms throughout the years (2011 was by far the prettiest) but today it centred around a simple, special meal.

Pumpkin pie

I have taken so much joy in pottering in the kitchen today in preparation.  I made classic Pumpkin Pie (I found that it makes masses more filling than is needed to make a 9 inch pie so I recommend preparing plenty of pastry or adjust the amounts by almost half). Turkey meatballs with a cranberry glaze were the best thing I made - if you're looking for a low-cost alternative to a roast bird for Christmas I highly recommend this dish. I made quite large meatballs because I'm lazy but it's designed to make about 30 small ones. There were veggies, of course, and the crispiest of roast potatoes. Delicious!

Thanksgiving table 1

We picked up some of those tiny sparklers in the city at the weekend so I popped one in the pumpkin pie for a bit of pizazz! And it was our first festival meal in the new house and the reflection of the candles on the surrounding windows against the dark night made it seem like the entire room was filled with them.

Thanksgiving table 2

There was no thankful tree this year, instead we talked a lot about what we're thankful for and high on that list was the safe area we have moved to, restful sleep and quiet times. 

Turkey meatballs in a cranberry glaze

I have so much to be thankful for this year and I'd like to express my heart-felt gratitude to you for still visiting this little space - I feel like I've been a moaning ninny more than I have been inspirational this year so thanks for sticking it out with me.

sparkling pumpkin pie

I'm sure I say this every November but I can't quite believe that advent begins so soon.  I'm working very hard at saying No to things - this year I'm aiming for advent to be simple, calm, comforting, family centred, nourishing and cosy. I'm finishing up my last work commissions of the year this week and then getting ready to fully immerse myself in the season.


  1. Looks and sounds very yummy!

  2. It's a lovely cosy atmosphere you've created and a delicious meal too. Liz

  3. What a lovely table and such delicious looking food! Giving thanks is always a good thing; our church holds a Thanksgiving service each year so everyone can publicly share; it's such a precious time!

    Amazing that Advent begins this Sunday... it's truly my favorite time of the year. Enjoy!

  4. Your food sounds scrummy and your table looks really inviting. I don't think you have been a moaning minny at all, it's your blog you can write what you like and I will still read it!

  5. Hi Hannah, oh your food always looks delicious ! thank you for being around and sharing things with us. Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara - thanks for keeping on visiting :o)

  6. :-) x. Everyone else has said it all already so a smile and a ditto from me!

  7. It all looks lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now I'm more determined than ever to celebrate Thanksgiving nextyear.

  8. What a lovely table you have set.
    Thank you for sharing and I hope you enjoyed your meal.

  9. lovely post! Saying no is so hard but so very rewarding, I think it comes with age.

    1. Thank you, Karen. I think I am more confident at saying it as I grow older.

  10. I love that you celebrate Thanksgiving too! It's always good to be grateful and content, not words people use much these days. Love the table setting and the pic of Cam doing his homework?! Hope you have a calm and peaceful Christmas Season.



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