Monday, 5 August 2013


There is so much goodness to be harvested from the garden at the moment, despite my neglectful gardening of late.  Although I did a lot of successive planting, things seem to all be maturing at the same time anyway and so there is abundance to the point of gluts at the moment.  Not a bad problem to have!

homegrown beetroot

The weather is wet and warm and that means that you can't turn your back on the courgettes for a minute or else they end up as marrows!

overgrown courgette

I'm harvesting beetroot...

chioggia beetroot

and completely forgot that I had planted chioggia so it was a wonderful surprise to slice them open and discover those amazing stripes!
I made some beetroot crisps which turned out to be incredibly moreish - they have a better crunch than any other homemade (baked) crisps I've ever made.
I used a similar technique to green crisps, almost dehydrating rather than baking.

stripy beetroot!

I had enough ripe tomatoes and fresh basil to make a salsa at the weekend which I served on toast as a kind of bruschetta-esque lunch.  

homemade and homegrown salsa

There's nothing quite like home grown tomatoes but this is the first year I have successfully grown any. 

bruschetta-esque lunch with homemade salsa

The bees have been very busy around my plants and nearly all of the flowers have fruited. It's very exciting!

heirloom tomatoes

We're eating kale chips for our morning snack most days and salads for lunches and it seems like the more we eat, the more it grows back!  I'm genuinely quite astounded at my success, truth be told.

yellow courgettes

Speaking of veg, my giveaway this week is for tickets to VegfestUK London at London Olympia in October! This is just my kind of thing - it looks sooo good and I would love to attend but unfortunately cannot make it. However, I have two tickets to giveaway for each of the days.

To enter, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post before midnight on Sunday 18th August 2013 and tell me which day you would prefer to attend.
Winners will be picked at random and announced the following Monday.
Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed, the winners are Caroline and Mel - congratulations!  Send me an email and I'll arrange for ticket details to be sent :o)


  1. Your garden is fabulous, so abundant! Still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen here. We have gone through a cool and cloudy spell and they want sun and heat - this week for sure.
    Enjoy all those healthy meals.

  2. It says a lot about my life when one of my dreams is to have a stripey beetroot at least once lol. Your living my dream, have one on behalf of me :)

    1. Oh, Mel - I might have to bring you a stripy beetroot now that you've said that!

  3. Lots of lovely things to shout about. I do a similar thing when my tomatoes are ready, it's the best way to have them!

  4. Since it wont let me post as a reply to your commment I will do it here...

    I have this vision of a load of beetroots and one stripey one and I can play the veg alternative of wheres wolly? No, actually its completely my collection, I had a yellow carrot in the winter and Ive seen a round courgette (Just seen not eaten mind) I want to complete my collection then hopefully get a life :)

    1. Haha - that's funny! Round courgettes are exactly the same as the usual shape. I think I remember reading that the orange carrots we're familiar with were quite rare at one time and the white/purple ones were more common.
      I picked my first purple beans last night which is exciting but they lose their colour when cooked whereas the stripes remain on my pretty beets :o)

  5. The beetroot is so pretty!

    Fingers crossed on the tomato front and I am a little jealous of the courgettes (I didn't plant any this year!)

    (Can't be entered on the vegfest front as I wouldn't be able to attend - but did want to pop a comment on! x)


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