Friday, 30 August 2013

Rewinding: Redcurrants

Before I start today I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to send me well-wishes and tips on exercises to help with the dizziness. I'm really grateful and will reply to each of you individually but am having to limit computer time at the moment as it's the thing I'm most struggling with.

I thought I'd rewind a little bit today because in the hurry of Summer I forgot to tell you all about the redcurrants!
Six weeks ago I harvested the largest amount of redcurrants I've ever had. The bushes were lifted from the ground at our old allotment and moved with us (almost three years ago - can you believe it?). They have taken a while to find their feet but this year they are showing great signs of being happy in their new spot.

redcurrant harvest 2013

Long time readers will remember the Summer that Cameron and I took two trains, a taxi and a bus to a pick your own farm just to source redcurrants.  It's funny that we had to go to all of that trouble back then but now they seem to be readily available in the shops, which is great news.

redcurrant harvest 2013

Redcurrant and Rosemary Jelly making was in order - that link tells you the back-story to why I like to make it so I won't repeat myself.
At the time of picking I was so extremely busy that I ended up boiling up and straining the currants and then freezing the juice until a time when I could complete the final stages of jelly making.  This is actually a really great way of doing things when you're overwhelmed with produce or activities - assuming you have space in the freezer.

When a quiet afternoon presented itself, I defrosted the juice in a pan with some water and the jelly was ready in no time at all.

redcurrant and rosemary jelly

I've enjoyed looking back at those old posts, especially the one about giving up our allotment. Lately I've been getting my knickers in a twist about broken gates, kitchen cupboards and noisy neighbours and forgetting how lucky we are to have this space and the freedom to grow our own food just outside the door. How quickly I have taken for granted something that we yearned for, for so many years.

Perhaps today I should bake some humble pie...

Wishing you a lovely weekend :o)


  1. I find counting my blessings the most beneficial exercise of all :-)
    Hope the dizziness is decreasing a bit now.

  2. Hope you are feeling better. The jelly sounds great and I would love to be able to harvest the redcurrants and then do this too

    1. Thanks, Mike. If it's too late for redcurrant jelly you might like Hedgerow Jelly?


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