Friday, 21 June 2013

The best of both worlds

I wanted to bake something new yesterday to mark the "end of term" as Cameron's school begins the new year on Monday so that when they return in September they can settle straight in.  
I'm so proud of my boy - his grades are progressing beautifully, he's in lots of high sets for his lessons next year and is thriving in the environment at this particular school both academically and socially while still being true to himself.  

head boy badge

This year he was also made deputy head boy - which is quite a feat for a thirteen year old.  It has opened doors for lots of responsibility and life skills that will be useful in the workplace (for instance, he has been part of the interview panel for hiring new staff) and we have had some lovely letters in the post from school staff thanking and praising his efforts.  We couldn't be happier with how things are going.

Anyway, back to the baking...
I happened to have some bananas that needed using up and I found this recipe for banana chocolate chip baked doughnuts.  I love the story behind the recipe whereby the blogger wanted to create sweet treats for her nephews with food intolerances so that she could continue to treat them without making them poorly.

Making gluten free muffins

I don't have a special doughnut pan so I made mine as muffins and used plain gluten free flour as I only had wholegrain spelt (and people in the comments weren't reporting good results with that).  I also skipped the sugar/cinnamon sprinkles.

I have to say that these muffins are the best gluten free baking I have ever done. They're light and fluffy, sweet but don't contain a lot of sugar (technically the sugar could be replaced completely if you wanted) and importantly - they rose in the oven, which can be quite difficult to achieve with gluten free baking, I have found.
Banana chocolate chip baked muffins were a big hit and I will definitely be making them again and trying some of the recipe tweaks suggested in the comments.

gluten free banana chocolate chip muffin

After a very warm and sticky day yesterday I was heading out to the garden to start my evening watering when the heavens opened and we had some real rain! The rain continued all night and I'm very pleased because the garden needed a good soaking and the air is much clearer and cooler this morning.
The garden really starts to take off with warm and wet weather.  I hope it helps my veggie patch catch up a bit.

rhododendron after the rain

We're hoping the sunshine will reappear later on as school is closed for teacher training today and serendipitously it has fallen on home ed group day so we're looking forward to skipping on over to catch up with friends we haven't seen for a while.

Have you stumbled on any great gluten free baking recipes?  I'd love some tried and tested recommendations.


  1. Aw, well done to Cameron! We never had Head Boy/Girl in our school so when I hear it, I always think of Hogwarts lol.

    I'm definitly going to try that recipe! The muffin looks gorgeous! Good timing too I've been experimenting in Wheat/Gluten Free and even created my own chocolate muffins I was quite proud of! Sugar Free too!

    1. Thanks, Mel. Well done on creating your own muffin recipe - not as easy without the wheat flour, is it?

  2. Very well done Cameron on his school status.
    Very proud mummy you deserve to be :-)

  3. Cameron sounds like he's doing very well at school. You can be very proud of him and his accomplishments.

    Your muffins look so yummy. I haven't had breakfast yet and I'm wishing I could jump right through the computer screen and taste one now! :-)



    1. Thanks, Betsy - I'm so proud of him :o)

  4. That's ace, well done that boy! Love the story behind the doughnuts :)

  5. I love the muffins, I can smell them from here ;)

    1. They're really good - give them a try!

  6. such a proud mum and lovely muffins x

  7. Oh my! You really are a few weeks behind us in the garden -- our rhodies faded a few weeks ago. I really miss them when their blooms have faded. Those muffins look and sound delicious! I've never baked a gluten free muffin before and just might have to give these a try! ~Lisa


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