Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Midsummer Madness Sale

It's been a while since I updated you on what's new in my little yarn shop.  There are a few new things which are gorgeous to work with and I'm also having a Midsummer Sale to make way for some exciting new things that I have up my (hand knitted) sleeve for Autumn.


First up, I have several new colours of Cotton DK in store.  This yarn can be used in various ways but is particularly suited to crochet because it's made with a twist, meaning that it doesn't split at all - a big bonus especially if (like me) you're still learning the craft.  
I now have fourteen colours to choose from and I have some of my projects using this yarn to show you tomorrow for Yarn Along.

Tepa 1918

Also new in store are some more shades of Tepa.  So many of us are drawn to the beautiful colourways of this hand dyed yarn. It's a mix of wool, mohair and silk and I adore working with it.
There are four new colourways in the shop this week.

Tepa Multy 1780

Now would be a perfect time to take advantage of the discount and stock up for that knitting you have planned ready for Autumn.  

Tepa 1785

Personally, I have my eye on these blues.

Tepa Multy 1923

How many times can I get away with mentioning Autumn in a blog post in June?  I am doing exceptionally well at immersing myself in Summer this year but there's a special twinkle in my eye inspired by the knowledge that my favourite season is the next season and it motivates me to knit even more!


  1. Eeek! Am heading on over to your shop this very evening once the sprog is in bed. Need Tepa for a shawl (or two) and really want to learn to crochet, so I think I might have to sell that kidney on Ebay first!!!
    I too love summer for it's proximity to autumn,, THE best season by far. I think I might need advice on how much yarn I might need for crochet but will e.mail you if it gets complicated. Have a good week!

    1. Wonderful news, Jules - who needs their kidneys, right?!

      Autumn is definitely the best season!

      As always, feel free to email, although I'm not really expert on the crochet thing, yet..


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