Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Celebrating Midsummers Day

Last night we had our annual Midsummers day celebration.  Last year I was struggling to find ways to still incorporate these occasions into our lives now that Cameron is older.  I was lamenting the lack of magic - and that is sad - but I've come to realise that a creative Mama can still make a special occasion if she works at it.

There were pretty place settings with vintage napkins and buttercups from the garden.

midsummer place settings

A pretty homegrown, floral salad that made me beam with pride at my efforts.

pretty homegrown floral midsummer salad

It was baby chard, lettuce, kale, radish, mustard and nasturtium leaves with pea shoots and grated radish and decorated with marigold, pansy, kale and chive flowers.  Almost too pretty to eat!
I served it with a simple vinaigrette with chopped chives and it was lovely.

There was a little bit of a nod to days gone by with a few bits from my seasonal table box and I thought a bowl of floating candles with sequins and glitter added a bit of midsummer magic to the evening.

a hint of midsummer magic

Earlier in the day I prepared a summer wishlist sheet that we later filled with all of our plans for the school holidays.  This was a fun way to dream and plan for summer but also will hopefully mean that we will get through the holidays peacefully whilst still including things we both want to do.  When communication is challenging, we find it useful to be clear about our intentions and expectations.

making a summer wishlist

We ended the evening with our turkish delight inspired ice cream (that I wrote about on Sunday) and giggling at A Midsummer Night's Dream on DVD.  

It was a lovely evening and very reassuring for me to know that we can still manage magical events in the midst of teenage hormones and changing times.


  1. I enjoyed the teen years with both of my kids, it was a fun time. That salad is too pretty to eat :) Love the idea of writing down what to do during the summer.

    1. Thanks, Karen. I agree that the teen years can be a lot of fun, it just all happened so quickly and I wasn't really ready to adapt to new ways of doing things.

  2. Very magical and beautiful!!
    We also like to write summer wish list, it helps to make it more meaningful.

  3. That sounds so nice. We have made summer lists as well I like how you have decorated yours.


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