Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love and Gratitude

Valentines Day can feel a bit like a poke in the eye for us Singletons.  In the run up this little day I find myself going through a cycle - I start with cynicism, then see all the cutesy baking and craft ideas, get sad that my romantic relationships are never very successful and then find my way back to love - which is silly, mainly because the love was there all along just not in the form that is thrust upon us at this sort of time of the year in particular.


It's clich├ęd, but love really is all around us, all of the time.  For me, love is not about hearts and flowers (although both of those are on my table today) but about the little day-to-day, just because things.  

Last night I was sat thinking about love, about all of the things I love about my life and the people in it and it surprised me how much of it came back to this little place.  
Five Winters ago, I sat down at a computer and starting writing here. I could never have imagined that it would lead to a connection with so many lovely people, with so much inspiration, that it would keep me accountable and help me turn my life around, moulding it into a shape that fits our needs, that it would lead to paid work where I get to do what I love.


You, lovely reader, are a big part of that and everyday you bring love to my life by continuing to visit, with your supportive comments, thoughtful emails, supporting my online shop, clicking through my adverts when you purchase something, treating me to a cup of tea with my new donate button and so much more.  Your choosing to click into this little place on a regular basis allows me to be around for my son, to keep a strong connection between us that was lacking in my own childhood and I will be eternally grateful for that.

Taking advantage of a day when it's socially acceptable to be a bit soppy I'd just like to take a little minute to send some love back to you and show my gratitude to you - thank you, so very much xxx

P.S. The brownies are these sourdough brownies - if you make them, use a bigger tin/dish than recommended or you'll have to show your oven some extra cleaning love!


  1. Thank you for sharing your world xx

  2. You are loved! Wishing you a beautiful day xx

  3. What a lovely post. Sourdough brownies sound fab!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. The brownies were really good!

  4. Bigger dish it is then, I hate cleaning the oven.

  5. What a lovely post! I've got so much inspiration from your blog. And the sourdough brownies look gorge!!!!

  6. So well said Hannah. I see Valentine's Day as a day of letting friends and family know you love them more than romantic love. It comes from how it was celebrated when I was a little girl growing up in US schools.

    I have to say I love your doily under your vase of tulips! And wish we could sometimes really visit our blogs in real life with those brownies included in a time to chat. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

    1. Thanks, Heidi - my Mum made the crocheted doilie for me and I love it, too!

      I sometimes wish we could pop in on blogs in real life, too!

  7. Even though I'm married, we don't make a big deal of the day. I give lots of small gifts to friends and grandchildren instead.
    Thank you for a lovely post. I'm looking forward to trying the brownie recipe.

  8. Beautifully written Hannah. You are so right, love is all around us, it is the beauty in every day things, a sunrise, a smile from a stranger, a good deed, beauty in the garden and just the simple joy of being alive. Even though I am married, we don't make a deal about the day. You come across as such a nice lady.


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