Monday, 15 October 2012

Naughty Knitting

It was a bit naughty, as I'd promised myself no new projects until my blanket squares were up to date, but I was flying through the squares so quickly that I decided to reward myself by casting on a little weekend project.
Using the yarn I had left over from my Aspen Wrap, I decided to knit a hat and a search through Ravelry brought me to Rose Red - a beautiful hat mixing cables with lace and starting with an i-cord cast on, working from the centre outwards which was something I'd never done before.

Rose Red knitted hat front

A year ago I would have looked at this pattern and said I can't do that but I seem to have picked up quite a bit of knitting confidence this year by trying out different techniques and discovering it's really true that if you can cast on, knit and purl then you can do most things!

I cast on on Friday evening and the i-cord part turned out to be pretty simple.  In between swimming lessons, jobs, laundry, gardening, cooking, visitors etc. the hat grew and grew, until last night when I completed it.  I'm not sure that the detail really comes out in my pictures but it's so pretty!

Rose Red knitted hat back

I have quite a large head circumference but reading other people's notes on Ravelry I found that people were finding this pattern quite large - I agree, and would make a small if I knit myself another one as most hats do tend to stretch a bit over time anyway.

I'm going to look at some more patterns by this designer as the pattern was perfectly written, not a single bit of confusion or having to interpret anything.

There's something so very settling about starting, continuing and completing a project in a weekend.  I think I needed the reassurance that I was useful or capable or something.  That sense of accomplishment has given me a much needed boost!

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. That is a beautiful hat! I completed at hat this weekend too, I know what you mean about it feeling very satisfying, and the pattern I did was a similarly previously-scary one that I'm so chuffed I could do! Yours is gorgeous though and it's great that it will go perfectly with the shawl you made :-)

    1. Thanks, Deb - yours is gorgeous, too!

  2. lovely lovely lovely hat! Such stitch details :) Now we need a snow storm for some good weather to wear it in!

    1. Thanks, Karen - isn't Ysolda clever?
      It's chilly enough for a hat here already!

  3. What a gorgeous hat, love the pattern and the colour. Hope it keeps your head warm this winter.

  4. Well done, its a lovely hat!!


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